Congratulations on the opening of shuanghumen Jian

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In the whole decoration style, shuanghumen Jinhu exclusive store makes use of the fashionable elements of modern decoration to make the storefront and products perfectly match, fully showing the unique product characteristics of shuanghumen, attracting everyone who loves the door to enter the store for viewing


at present, the competition in the wooden door market is becoming more and more fierce, and the store management of wooden door dealers is also more difficult. However, this still can't stop Shuanghu wooden door, one of the top 30 wooden doors in China, from accelerating the pace of layout of China's door industry market. Shuanghu wooden door Jiangsu Jinhu exclusive store opened grandly in the expectation of many consumers. Here, I warmly congratulate Shuanghu wooden door Jinhu exclusive store on its opening! Business is booming

a variety of products can be selected

the products of Shuanghu wooden door have always been known for their simple style, and are positioned to serve the home environment of white-collar workers. At present, Shuanghu wooden doors mainly produce paint free suit doors, craft wooden doors and molded doors; According to the material, it can be divided into composite paint door, solid wood laminated door, solid wood laminated door and conforming reinforced door. In order to provide customers with better quality and multi-choice products, Shuanghu wooden door also launched several series (simple life, impression of northern Europe, supreme heaven and earth, new aristocracy, streamer brilliance, composite reinforced door). Shuanghu wooden door has always been based on avant-garde design concepts and a deep understanding of wood decoration technology, so as to create an elegant and comfortable living environment, and carry out the simple style to the end

genuine materials as a guarantee

the reason why Shuanghu wooden door can expand its own stores and maintain sales leadership under the premise of weak performance growth of wooden door stores. This is related to the fact that Shuanghu company has been using high-quality raw materials, unique design, and exquisite technology to create higher quality products for customers for so many years, which is also one of the reasons why Shuanghu wooden door has grown in recent years and become one of the top 30 wooden doors in China

integrity service plastic brand

with the development of urbanization, China's wooden door industry has developed rapidly, and the competition for the wooden door market is becoming more and more intense. Shuanghu wooden door has always had a leading brand awareness since its inception, and clearly established the idea of Shuanghu market development. Shuanghu has successfully ranked among the top 30 wooden doors in China by carefully planning and shaping its brand and creating a solid, extensive and efficient marketing guarantee chain and market response chain. In addition, Shuanghu wooden door has won the recognition of consumers with its absolute integrity and high-quality service. Shuanghu wooden door has been promoting its own brand, rather than selling the brand, to let more consumers know it and understand it. It is inevitable that its sales will increase steadily while improving product quality and increasing high-quality varieties

Shuanghu wooden door will always continue to serve the majority of consumer groups with the spirit of innovation, excellent products, exquisite technology and perfect service. Once again, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the opening of shuanghumu Golden Lake franchise store

I wish the Golden Lake store of shuanghumen a great success! Business is booming





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