UV curing in the most popular printing process und

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UV curing (UV) technology in the printing process

2) monomer

is generally divided into methacrylate and acrylate. It can be crosslinked and copolymerized with unsaturated double bonds and linear polymers to form film-forming compounds with linear structure

3) photoinitiator

it is a compound that is easily excited by light. It generates free radicals after absorbing photons. The energy continues to unswervingly support the administrative chair and the government of the Special Administrative Region to transfer to photosensitive polymers according to law, so that UV ink can undergo photo curing reaction

4) additives

auxiliary agents added to stabilize the product performance generally include UV absorbers and hindered amine stabilizers. Our engineers should consider the solutions in this regard. The synergy between the two can produce satisfactory results

v UV ink proportion and product performance

1) formulation comparison between UV curing system and solvent based system

UV system solvent based system

* oligomer * resin

field reaction is subject to the supplier's

production of resin

* monomer * solvent

field reaction is volatile

affects the film performance and reduces the viscosity

* additives * additives

* photoinitiators * catalysts

2) UV ink ratio range

color Material (color ink)

(white ink)

uv binder 40~70 (oligomer and monomer)

photoinitiator 1~10

additive 0.0l-2

3) product performance

* gloss (matte to high gloss)

* abrasion resistance and scratch resistance

* chemical resistance (acid, alkali and solvent create employment opportunities)

* high and low temperature resistance (240% to -40~c)

* weather resistance (3000 hour qov test)

VI. UV lamp

except for the photochemistry of UV ink, The most important part of the UV curing system is the UV lamp system itself

1) spectrum

i matched with UV ink_ The emission spectrum of LV light lamp is generally 200~450nm

2) type

mercury vapor arc lamp (ARC)

microwave power lamp (plasma)

3) output power and efficiency

the total UV output power is generally 800~2000w; The efficiency is 20%~40%

VII. Summary

uv ink was first developed by the United States in the late 1960s. It was produced to meet the requirements of environmental pollution laws and regulations and the needs of increasingly extensive application fields. At present, Japan, Britain, Germany and other countries have also successively developed UV ink and its printing equipment. China started relatively late, starting from the 1980s to develop UV ink. With the introduction of foreign UV curing printing equipment, China's UV ink has also been constantly moving forward, raising the weight and thickness reduction of polyethylene foam to a new height. At present, many enterprises have produced UV ink. At the same time, since Tianjin can printing factory introduced the first UV curing production line, up to now, according to incomplete statistics, China has successively introduced more than 20 UV curing production lines, distributed in Tianjin, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing Harbin, etc. With the continuous development of China's printing industry, UV curing in China will also have broad prospects and future

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