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Green moon cakes are popular in Shanghai this year. More moon cakes with low sugar, low fat, low calorie and appropriate packaging will appear in this year's moon cake market. It was learned from the relevant meeting of Shanghai Food Association yesterday that some moon cake enterprises in Shanghai have prepared to manufacture this year's "green moon cakes", the theme of which is nutrition and health. At the same time, the packaging of these moon cakes will also be completely "slimmed down"

"healthy and affordable moon cakes are certainly more popular with the public." Yuqiuyi, deputy general manager of Shanghai Christine Food Co., Ltd., told that this year, the company will or replace new gaskets to add more nutritional elements to moon cakes, such as lily, five nuts, nuts, fruits, walnuts, etc., and strive to promote sugar free, low-fat moon cakes

according to wengkunchang, general manager of Budweiser food company, this year, they have developed more than 20 green moon cakes with 20 flavors that meet the "three low" nutritional standards. In addition, technicians are also stepping up the development of functional moon cakes, hoping that this innovative "national cake" can bring health to more consumers

Liangjie, vice president of China Green Food Association, said that the main theme of moon cake consumption this year will be green, nutrition and health, which is also the key for moon cake enterprises to win the market and consumers' trust

of course, green moon cakes also need green packaging. According to the Interim Measures of Shanghai Municipality on appropriate packaging of moon cakes, it is stipulated that the packaging cost of moon cakes in this Municipality shall not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes; Deoxidizers and preservatives do not directly contact the moon cakes. It is required to spend money to ensure safety

it was seen at the meeting that the moon cake enterprises such as Chantelle have "slimmed down" their packaging. According to gaokemin, Secretary General of the baking professional committee of the Municipal Food Association, this year, the industry association will hold a "green moon cake packaging" evaluation activity

it is understood that there are about 220 moon cake manufacturers in Shanghai. Last year, the output of moon cakes in the whole city was about 13500 tons, and there was also a problem of processing tolerance. According to experts' prediction, if the weather in September is cool, the output of moon cakes this year will increase by 12%-13% compared with last year

source: Morning Post

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