The most popular green packaging in Europe

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"Green packaging" is popular in Europe

the so-called "green packaging" refers to the packaging that can be recycled and has the function of promoting industry innovation 2. New technology protection of sports and leisure products. Vigorously promoting "green packaging" has become a subject that many European countries attach great importance to

the circular economy law recently enacted in Germany protects the implementation of this work in the form of law. Sweden is a country rich in wood resources, but the Swedes "cherish the forest like gold". After ten years of research and experiment, Tetra Pak aseptic carton packaging known as "born with 'green packaging' gene" was finally invented. The milk, fruit juice and beverage with this "green package" can be kept fresh for 6 months without refrigeration. After recycling, it is made into "colorful music board", which can be used as furniture, decorative materials, toys, audio equipment, etc. This "green packaging" has become the mainstream of liquid food packaging in Europe. 5. The axis split control multi-functional experimental machine has a strong expansion capacity. The environmental protection agency of the French government encourages and helps manufacturers to invest a large amount of money in the research, development and production of green packaging. The environmental protection department of the government clearly stipulates that the product packaging must be printed with the solar photovoltaic and energy storage records in the field of "recycling" environmental protection standard energy. In supermarkets and supermarkets in France, a wide range of goods are mostly packaged in paper, and the vast majority of dairy products, fruit juices and liquid foods are packaged in Tetra Pak brick cartons

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