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The psychology of most people is that the decoration of second-hand houses should "spend less and do more", which makes consumers who decorate second-hand houses often only consider how to save more money. In fact, second-hand houses can feel like new houses, but we must also spend money on the cutting edge, reasonably analyze the cost performance of various building materials, and achieve value for money

>& gt;& gt; The "green" guide for the decoration of second-hand houses

a major renovation of the wall and ground

before the decoration of second-hand houses, professionals should be invited to conduct a field survey of the houses. For example, whether the walls, floors, ceilings, etc. have obvious cracks, whether they are flat, and whether they fall off and sand

the focus of old house decoration should be on decorative materials, especially the paint on the wall. After years of use, the base course of the wall top of the old house will appear cracking, chalking, mildew and other phenomena to varying degrees. If these phenomena are not solved properly, the paint after brushing will also have the adverse consequences of uneven color, rough surface and peeling. This requires the pre-treatment of the base course such as the top of the wall, including the removal of dirt such as oil stains and powdered wall paint on the wall, the repair of uneven base course, cracks and holes with cement mortar, and the drying of the wall during construction, and the attention that the moisture content of the wall should not exceed 6%. After repair, a layer of primer shall be brushed to cover it, which can make the base firm and prevent the base from changing due to alkalinity and moisture in the future, and then the emulsion paint diluted in proportion shall be used for finishing. During construction, pay attention to the cleanness of the air on site, do a good job in dust protection, and ensure that there are no sundries on the tools. The market price of paint is about 100 yuan/liter. As long as environmental protection is guaranteed, the price of colored paint will be slightly higher. For a 60 square meter house with two bedrooms and one living room, the total cost of coating is about 2000 yuan

the choice of flooring materials can be called diversified. You can choose from solid wood flooring, composite wood flooring to floor tiles at will, but the price difference is large. Choosing composite flooring or floor tiles, the price is generally about 100 yuan/square meter, and the total price is four or five thousand yuan. For second-hand houses, it is more cost-effective to replace

doors and windows with aluminum alloy

doors and windows in old houses should also be one of the key points of transformation. The aging degree of doors and windows can be divided into several situations: first, if the wooden doors and windows peel and deform, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed, and they must be removed and redone. If the material is compact and the surface paint film is intact, the decorative panel can be pasted during the secondary construction to be used; Second, if the surface paint film of steel doors and windows peels off, the main body is rusted or cracked, they must also be removed and redone

when reinstalling doors and windows, aluminum alloy windows with good sound insulation, heat insulation and sealing performance are recommended. At present, the prices of popular aluminum alloy doors and windows in the market range from 200 yuan to 1000 yuan/square meter. Such aluminum alloy doors and windows are sold in major building materials markets. If there are four windows in two bedrooms and one living room, the total price is about twoorthree yuan

take off the hat for "concealed works"

the transformation of water, heating and electricity in second-hand houses is the most common decoration projects, and these projects are also the most easily ignored and the most prone to problems. There are often many unreasonable layouts of ground waterproofing, waterways and heating pipelines of old houses, and the corresponding reconstruction works are large

key point 1: circuit transformation

many old houses have aging wires and illegal wiring, which need to be replaced and reconstructed. The wires in old houses usually have only one or two circuits, and even telephone lines and TV lines can be seen everywhere like spider webs, not to mention broadband access and LAN. Therefore, circuit reconstruction may be a process of rewiring

at present, there are at least four circuits in the family, usually lighting, air conditioning and sockets. The advantage of this is that once a short circuit or other problems occur in a certain line, the scope of power failure is small and the normal work of other lines will not be affected. In addition, if the old house uses aluminum wire, it must be removed, because aluminum wire can no longer meet the needs of modern household electricity. When decorating, you must not only change the wires at the switch and plug, otherwise it will bury potential safety hazards for the owner to use electricity in the future. After removing the old wires, in the decoration, each main line must use 2.5mm copper wire, and when embedding wires in the wall, it must wear a PVC insulating pipe. According to the new standard, the cross-section of the incoming line of each house should not be less than 10 square millimeters. In this way, for ordinary families, 1.5 square millimeter line is used for lamps, 2.5 square millimeter line for switches and sockets, and 4 square millimeter line should be used separately for the installation of high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners

key 2: replace sockets and switches

the installation position and quantity of switches and sockets in old houses should be carefully considered when wiring. The height of the switch or socket in the same room should be the same. Generally, the switch should be 1.4m away from the ground and the socket should be 0.3m away from the ground; The switches of the lobby and living room should be installed in the place where it is easy to reach as soon as the owner opens the door when he comes home. The number of sockets in the house should not be too small. If the number of sockets in the old house is too small, it will have to pull wires and connect socket boards randomly, causing unsafe hidden dangers. Therefore, the number of sockets should be considered in advance, and the use of terminal boards by residents in the future should be minimized. Generally speaking, two sockets should be set in a room, and the number of sockets in a two bedroom residence should not be less than 14. If the price of each socket and switch is about 10 yuan, the total price is about 200 yuan

key 3: Plumbing renovation

it should be emphasized here that if you want to change the location of heating in the original house, you must obtain the consent of the property management department or Housing Management Institute of the local community. There should be a standard here. After all the plumbing renovation is completed, the pipelines should be reasonable, closely connected, free of running, emitting, dripping and leaking, and free of illegal removal. In addition, there should be no dead corners during and after construction, which should be convenient for future maintenance

the renovation and decoration of the old house takes more brains than the decoration of the new house, but if you can maintain the process standards and use decoration means to make up for the shortcomings of the old house, you can also get a warm living room space





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