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With the peak of house delivery coming this spring, the popularity of home shopping malls is also gradually growing, and many consumers can always be seen walking through them on weekends. Recently, the reporter visited home shopping malls and decoration companies. Insiders said that the best time for decoration is after Qingming Festival

the solar term to good weather

Tomb Sweeping Day refers to the arrival of spring, the fog and sand are reduced, and the sky is clear, which means that it is a traditional festival in China. Industry insiders believe that the temperature rises around the Qingming Festival in Yantai, and the air humidity is appropriate. From the perspective of weather, it is very suitable for home decoration

on the other hand, with the arrival of spring, especially after the weather turns warm, the owners' mentality towards decoration has also been adjusted, and there are also many people who come to see plans and consult during the holidays. On the 2nd and 3rd, the reporter visited several large-scale home decoration companies and found that the passenger flow of several decoration companies increased compared with the usual weekends

more consultation and less promotion

Mr. Su, the owner, told the reporter that he originally wanted to take advantage of this holiday to finalize the decoration, but he found that the merchants' promotional activities were far less than expected, "it's also a holiday, how can there be so few Qingming promotions? Or wait for" may day. " According to the previous market conditions, merchants generally carry out large-scale promotional activities on the three nodes of "March 15", "May Day" and "National Day". Compared with the lively promotions on these three nodes, the small and long holiday of Qingming Festival is often ignored by merchants and has become a blind spot of promotion. It is understood that businesses often choose to "take a break" to deal with the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday

however, some people in the industry believe that the Qingming Festival is, after all, the most suitable season for decoration, and the lack of strong marketing promotion is, to some extent, delaying business opportunities

start early and raise your voice

although the promotion of the Qingming small holiday is not stronger than that of the traditional node, there are still benefits to be found. According to insiders, there is news that there will be a round of price fine-tuning after the May Day holiday. If the promotional price is affordable enough, you can start early





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