Vision and development of integrated wall in Tusca

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In the face of the mixed market of integrated walls, brand recognition is the consensus and basis for investors and consumers to choose. Brand is a comprehensive and complex concept. It is the intangible sum of trademark, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, symbols and advertising style. Brand has deep connotation and value. The development of Tuscany's integrated wall top has taken shape in all aspects. In this intangible sum of assets, Tuscany has a longer-term and challenging way to develop its brand

brand building is a complex and huge project, including the overall strategic planning of the brand, visual image design, core concept determination, brand symbol application, brand scene design, advertising tone and a series of work. A strong brand building can not be achieved in one advertisement, but the crystallization of a long time test. The Tuscan integrated Wall brand has been developing in the market for 16 years. At present, there are more than 600 Tuscan integrated wall top stores in the market, and the store style is built in accordance with the unified style of Tuscan brand. The brand logo of tscn has gone deep into the market, forming an important symbol of the brand operation of Tuscan integrated wall top

the most basic thing for the development of a brand is to have its own excellent products. Product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development and the guarantee of market consumers' word-of-mouth. Under the condition of ensuring product quality, Hunan Tuscany Electric Co., Ltd. has established its own brand concept on the basis of establishing the brand cornerstone. The company was founded in 2001. In 2008, Tuscany influenced employees and dealers with the corporate culture of "moving according to needs", and served with the thinking policy of what I need to contribute and what I can contribute. At the same time, Tuscany relies on this concept and corporate culture to achieve product innovation. In 2015, Tuscany extended its corporate culture to a deeper level. During the training of dealers all over the country, the affinity of a Tuscan family infected everyone present. Based on this case, Tuscany headquarters supplemented the corporate culture and finally established it as a corporate culture of "sincerity, initiative, love and action according to needs"

it is not the alarm clock that can wake a person up every day, but the dream. Enterprises also need to have their own vision and mission. Vision is the way to make an enterprise sustainable development, and mission is the ultimate goal that an enterprise needs to achieve. The development of Hunan Tuscany Electric Co., Ltd. requires the participation of every family member. We sincerely invite you to join us. Tuscany integrated wall top joining hotline: 15111131935 073183887663

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