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Range hood is an important part of kitchen facilities. Common range hoods include top suction, side suction and down suction. As we all know, the cooking method in China is stir frying, which leads to a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen. The oil smoke contains more than 300 kinds of harmful substances and high carcinogens, and the kitchen oil smoke is also one of the main causes of household pollution. Therefore, choosing a suitable range hood is very important to our health

part1 range hood type range hood size

there are many types of range hoods. If they are classified according to the working mode and installation position, they mainly include top suction type, side suction type, and also a down suction type (also known as upper exhaust, side exhaust, and lower exhaust)

1 top suction range hood

at present, most of the traditional range hoods on the market are "top suction", that is, the range hood is installed above the stove, and the range hood is pumped away through the upper exhaust fan

Chinese smoke machine: generally, it adopts high-power motor, large turbine, large smoke collecting bin and single-layer smoke bin, which is economical

European smoke machine: it emphasizes moderate motor power, double turbines, small smoke collecting bin and no smoke collecting bin, and multi-layer dense mesh plate superposition

tips: the Chinese smoke machine has good smoke exhaust effect, but the lampblack is not separated, which has a certain pollution to the surrounding environment. The European smoke machine pursues lampblack separation, low noise, energy conservation and environmental protection, with fashionable appearance and more humanized function, but the effect of lampblack absorption is poor

2 side suction range hood

side suction (also known as close suction) has changed the design and smoke extraction method of the traditional range hood. When cooking, the smoke generated is sucked away from the side, which basically achieves the effect of removing the smoke. The patented product in the side suction range hood, the smoke separation board, completely solves the problem that it is difficult to remove the smoke from Chinese cooking

3 down draft range hood

there are few varieties of this kind of ventilator. Now there is a lower exhaust ventilator (integrated cooker) combined with the cooker. The main machine of the ventilator is directly placed on the cooker. It is said that the fume exhaust effect is excellent, and the hot gas, combustion exhaust gas and fume can be discharged together when cooking; This kind of smoke machine cancels the traditional range hood chassis, and the upper part of the stove is spacious, which is especially suitable for placing on the balcony

4 common range hood size

890 × fifty-two × 550 mm、900 × five hundred and twenty-seven × 750 mm、900 × five hundred and ten × 540mm、900 × five hundred × 585mm、900 × five hundred and thirty × 575mm、795 × three hundred and ninety-five × 510mm、896 × five hundred and thirty × 566mm、750 × three hundred and ninety-four × 500mm、710 × five hundred and sixty × 330mm, etc.

how to determine the size

1. Measure the size of the stove with measuring tools such as tape or meter rule

2. Observe the diffusion range of lampblack without lampblack extractor, and then make records

3. Select the size of the range hood according to the recorded size data of the range of lampblack diffusion

4. Then check whether the size of the range hood you choose is appropriate, and then buy it in the mall

tips: when choosing the most appropriate size of the range hood, we should also see whether the whole is coordinated; You should also choose different types of range hoods according to your usage habits

part2 range hood side suction or top suction

the quality of the range hood plays a decisive role in filtering the range hood. If the choice is not good, the problem of kitchen range hood cannot be solved. Then, which kind of range hood is better? Is it better to smoke on the side or on the top of the range hood

tips: choose top suction or side suction according to the actual situation of your home. For example, if the person who is mainly responsible for cooking at home is not very tall, you can use top suction. If the pot basically does not leave the stove when cooking at ordinary times, you can consider using side suction

the cleaning rate of top suction side suction lampblack is about 700mm. Only part of the lampblack rises and can enter the lampblack extractor and be discharged, and the rest of the lampblack will spread around. The installation height of side suction is about 350mm, which makes the lampblack in the pot be sucked away before diffusion, and the cleaning rate can reach more than 99%

lampblack separation

traditional top suction lampblack extractors are difficult to achieve lampblack separation, A long time will affect the efficiency. The oil smoke separation and purification effect of the close suction range hood with the oil smoke separation plate has reached 90%

it is difficult to clean

because the oil smoke separation cannot be done, a large amount of oil is accumulated in the inner cavity of the machine and the fan. The cleaning is very troublesome. The oil smoke separation technology is adopted, and the inner wall of the machine and the fan will not accumulate oil. It is convenient to clean

safety index

the top suction type is installed directly above the pot, and too far away will affect the effect of oil smoke extraction, It's about 20 to 40 cm away from the outside edge of the side suction hood, which won't produce a sense of depression. It's not easy to meet the head

noise pollution

the top suction type, the Chinese type, is relatively noisy, and the European type is relatively small. Generally speaking, the side suction type is larger than the European type, and smaller than the Chinese type

part3 range hood. What brand is good to buy range hood?

domestic range hood has various forms, and the technology is constantly improving and integrating. Now, The quality of range hood products on the market varies. How to choose range hood products suitable for your family

1. Air volume

the greater the air volume, the better the effect of lampblack smoking will be. At present, the national standard is that the exhaust air volume of the range hood should not be less than 7, and the air volume on the market is basically about 15

2. The greater the wind pressure

the greater the wind pressure is, the less likely the lampblack backflow occurs when the range hood is working. The state stipulates that this value should not be lower than 80pa

3. Noise

the national standard is that the noise of the range hood shall not exceed 74 dB. At present, the noise of most brands of range hoods in the market is controlled at about 50 dB

4. Whether the key switch is easy to use

the key switch has mechanical switch, piano key and touch type, of which the touch type is the best, followed by piano key and mechanical switch

5. Whether the range hood is switched on and off quickly

a useful range hood can be turned on and off very quickly. Be sure to test whether the switch is fast when you buy it

6. Is it convenient to clean?

the non disassembly and cleaning range hood and the automatic cleaning range hood are relatively easy to clean

7. Whether the lighting light is sufficient

the lighting effect of the range hood is better, and the lighting route should be accurately aligned with the pot

8. See panel materials

mainstream panels include alloy panels, tempered glass panels, piano paint panels. Tempered glass panel is more suitable for most families, and it is convenient to clean. The price of piano paint panel is slightly expensive

9. Look at the materials and safety

observe whether there is a nameplate and whether it meets the requirements, whether there is a complete manual and quality assurance contract, and check whether there is anti electric shock protection, whether the internal circuit layout is reasonable, and whether there are good grounding measures

10. Look at the color and choose the shape

the color and shape should be coordinated with the whole kitchen. Pay attention to the selection of one-piece seamless structure, because if the middle frame plate has seams, there will be lampblack drilling in, which is not easy to clean and maintain the outside of the range hood

part4 installation steps of range hood

although we generally call the master when installing the range hood, knowing some information about the installation of the range hood is also helpful for us to better understand the professional level of the master and the quality of installation. Let's briefly talk about the installation steps of the range hood

materials shall be prepared during installation: 1 steel ruler, 1 cross screwdriver and 4 screws

1. Check whether the equipment is complete

2. Determine the installation position

3. Then fix the hanging plate of the range hood

4. Finally install the smoke exhaust pipe

5. Install the oil cup

6. Debug the range hood

tips: generally, the installation height of the range hood is to be installed on the same axis line with the range hood, and the left, front and rear positions should be kept horizontal. The distance from the bottom of the range hood to the range hood surface should be 650~750mm, The side suction machine can be reduced appropriately (200~400mm), which should be determined according to the specific use situation. When the master is installing, he can also pay more attention to see if there are any problems

cleaning skills of Part5 range hood

how to clean the range hood has always been a headache. We should pay attention to it when we use it, and it can be easier to clean it later. Here are some tips for you

when using

before using the range hood, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder in the two oil storage boxes, and then inject about one-third of the water. In this way, the recovered oil will float on the water, and then pour it out and do the same. Or you can put a smaller disposable oil box in the oil storage box, take out and throw away the waste oil after it is collected slowly

washing machine

the range hood is mainly composed of casing, air duct, fan, check valve, oil collection and drainage device, lighting device, power switch and power line. It is necessary to distinguish what can be cleaned and what cannot be cleaned. First, cut off the power supply of the cigarette smoking machine to ensure the most basic safety of life. Unscrew the screws on the housing with a screwdriver, and remove the housing and the oil net. If the oil dirt on the oil net is very thick, first use a tool to gently wipe off the excess oil dirt, then put it into warm water mixed with neutral detergent, soak it for three minutes, and then wipe it with a clean rag

wash the fan blades

1. Steam washing method of pressure cooker

boil the cold water in the pressure cooker. When there is steam continuously discharged, take the lower limit pressure valve, turn on the range hood, and align the steam column with the rotating fan blades. As the high hot water steam constantly rushes into the fan blades and other parts, the oily sewage will flow into the waste oil cup along the way until there is no oil in the oil cup

2. Detergent and vinegar soaking method

remove the lampblack surface impeller, soak it in a basin of warm water mixed with 3-5 drops of detergent and 50 ml of vinegar, soak it for 10-20 minutes, and then wipe it with a clean rag. The shell and other parts are also cleaned with this solution. This method has no damage to human skin and no corrosion to devices, and the surface still retains its original luster after cleaning

3. Soap liquid surface coating method

make soap into a paste, and then apply it on the surface of the impeller and other devices. After the range hood has been used for a period of time, remove the impeller and other devices, and wipe it with a rag, and the oil will fall off




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