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In the afternoon of September 15, with the neat and uniform entrance team and loud slogans, the company's management change oath conference officially began at the OPEC door and window headquarters, which opened the prelude to the implementation stage of the company's comprehensive management change

in the afternoon of September 15, with the neat team and loud slogans entering the OPEC door and window headquarters, the company's management change oath conference officially began, which opened the prelude to the implementation stage of the company's comprehensive management change. The leaders of the company, the teachers of Oubo Enterprise Management Institute, the leaders and employees of all departments of the company all participated in this oath conference

At the beginning of the meeting, general manager Leng Hongfu of OPEC announced the official start of the company's management reform and issued the personnel appointment order of the heads of all functional departments. In his speech, President Leng emphasized his determination to work with all employees to do a good job in management reform! It is hoped that the heads of all departments will implement the change management work well, and the outstanding employees who have emerged in the implementation of the change in the past month were rewarded on the spot

< Mr. Leng Hongfu, general manager of OPEC doors and windows, delivered a speech >

Mr. Leng, the general manager of the company, expressed his concern for the employees in his speech. His words were affectionate and his sentences were sonorous. He expressed the company's corporate purpose of constantly improving the material and cultural living standards of employees while constantly improving the hardware foundation of the company. We hope that all employees of the company will correct their attitudes towards management change and strive to become the main force in this change. Mr. Leng's words were encouraging, and he spoke the aspirations of all employees; President Leng's modest attitude and action made every employee present see hope and full of hope for the future development of the company

next, there is the speech session of the management representative. As the leader of the management representative, he pointed out many problems faced by the company in the development and the importance of implementing management change. He is willing to accept, implement, adapt to and promote change with the company, and expects to create a better tomorrow for the company with Mr. Oubo

there are also employee representatives' speeches. As front-line employees in the workshop, they have a deeper understanding of the significance of this change. The speeches of the workshop employee representatives speak the aspirations of front-line employees. They are full of expectations for this change, meet various challenges in their work with confidence, and make their due contributions and efforts to the management reform of the company with practical actions

< The teacher, leader of the OPEC doors and windows project team, delivered a speech >

the OBO project team, which carries the hopes and expectations of all employees, is full of confidence in OPEC at this swearing in meeting. Mr. Chen, the head of the project team, raised the current problems of the company and expressed the determination and confidence that the OBO project team will work side by side with the company's employees to fight this tough battle of management reform in the subsequent management reform

< Mr. Xu Jun from OBO enterprise management delivered a speech >

the speech of Xu Jun, general manager of Oubo enterprise management, made all the company enthusiastic. Starting from the advertising language on employees' uniforms, he explained the profound meaning of this sentence in simple terms: private customization, high-end doors and windows. OPEC people, make good doors and windows, and better OPEC people! He also expressed his recognition and affirmation for everyone's good mental outlook, and hoped that under the leadership of the OBO project team, we would strive to create a better tomorrow for OPEC doors and windows

< All employees of the company solemnly swear >

with the solemn oath of the members of the management change leading group and all employees, the highlight of this swearing in conference came to the stage. The heads of all functional departments raised their right hands and solemnly swore under the leadership of the company's leaders. They were determined to put the interests of OPEC doors and windows first, fully promote change, start from themselves, and work hard for the revitalization of OPEC doors and windows! Under the leadership of general manager Zou of the manufacturing and service center, all employees solemnly swear that for the revitalization of the company and its own development, we are determined to actively participate in the change with high enthusiasm and a serious and responsible attitude; Keep in mind: integrity, dedication, modesty, sureness, responsibility; Work hard and work hard for the revitalization of OPEC doors and windows

finally, the members of the company's management change leading group took a photo with the OBO project team, and solemnly signed their names on the oath

I wish OPEC success in the management reform of doors and windows





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