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(high quality home decoration, Cartier doors and windows) as the "eyes" of the room, everyone's home has doors and windows. They are large or small, simple or complex, square or oval... These different window ideas can make people feel different scenery outside the window, but the most important thing is that they are necessary components to supply indoor natural light

doors and windows at different angles The light is different. The two doors and windows far away from each other make the whole home extremely bright. The visual contrast is very unique. The right light, the right wall decoration... Everything is just right

French window More and more designs are seen, and such designs are also more atmospheric, which can best present a different home aura. The two walls have become the most perfect "glass windows", as if living in a glass house, both are glittering and translucent

the setting of the window at the corner should ensure the bright sense of space in the room, and the uniform specification is very eye-catching. The design of the corner also conforms to the setting of the whole landscape window

just like a door, gently opening it is the real contact with the world! The doors and windows close to the interior are made dead, and there is no trace. The natural effect adds a lot of color to the interior. While adding indoor light and scenery, it also brings the freshest outdoor air indoors




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