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To create an economic CNC lathe with high-grade products, yc6136/40 CNC lathe is a stable and reliable economic CNC lathe with wide use, high performance price ratio, which is a collection of various similar models by the company limited in mechanical manufacturing, which can reduce the melt temperature by 20 degrees. On the premise of ensuring the high rigidity, high precision and high stability of the machine tool and ensuring the safety and stability of the staff, this product fully considers the most concerned problems of users, such as safety, reliability, convenient use and convenient maintenance. Its indicators in all aspects are outstanding among similar products

the main features of the product are as follows:

■ the integral bed, the backward inclined chip removal mode, and the guide rail adopts ultra audio frequency quenching, so the machine tool has good experimental retention of mechanical properties such as rigidity, precision, precision friction coefficient and ultimate compressive strength

■ the spindle adopts single shaft structure frequency conversion control, and the bearing adopts NSK imported from Japan, ensuring the high speed and high precision of the spindle

■ fully enclosed protection, good waterproof performance, reliable protection for motors and switches in the working area, suitable for wet cutting for wood plastic packaging and product industry in the coolant environment. The industry is about to meet the requirements of spring season

■ the operation box adopts a suspension and independent movable structure, with large moving range and flexible rotation, which facilitates the operation programming and tailstock moving operation

■ mature product structure, excellent performance, reasonable price and high market share

yc6136/40i CNC lathe main technical parameters

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