The most popular way to create a brand in China

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The road of creating a brand in China

the road of creating a brand in China

the brand of "Fudiao"

China Construction Machinery Information

Guide: in May 2004, Fudiao designed a Fudiao factory logo with F and w as the enterprise name, basically as the name implies, and wings flying eagle as the artistic image creativity, based on the current situation and characteristics of the enterprise name and industrial structure, and integrating the elements of enterprise spirit. It has been unanimously recognized by the company's employees and has been used since

in May, 2004, based on the current situation and characteristics of the enterprise name and industrial structure, Fudiao integrated the elements of enterprise spirit and designed a Fudiao factory logo with "F" and "W" letters as the basic meaning of the enterprise name and "Flying Eagle" as the creative artistic image. It has been used since it was unanimously recognized by the company's employees

with the continuous acceleration of the development process of the enterprise, the objectives and requirements for the implementation of the brand strategy have also been launched from the inside out, forming a rational consensus among all employees, so that the brand awareness runs through the whole process of the company's creative activities, from scientific and technological innovation to international exchange, from new product research and development to marketing, from product quality to cost control, from process manufacturing to detailed behavior, All of them highlight the systematicness and initiative of Xinfu mining in the implementation of brand strategy. All of them reflect the firm belief of Xinfu mining in the process of shaping, building and cultivating the brand

we want to have a dialogue with the world, and we want to be the ultimate strong man! This is our interpretation of the core values of our own brands, and also the vision and goal of the country to actively create a market environment conducive to the cultivation of our own brands and promote the construction and development of our own brands

after three years of independent innovation activities, the brand "Fudiao" has continuously increased its influence in domestic and foreign markets and has gained considerable popularity. The promotion of enterprise competitiveness, the increase of user trust, the promotion of the selection of Rockwell hardness scale with poor anti-interference ability in national industry as shown in table 2-2, and the great stride of products to the world have produced extremely important positive significance

the BMW International Construction Machinery Exhibition in Shanghai in 2006 will build a huge international brand display platform for China's construction machinery industry, and China Fu dig will also display its R & D achievements with a strong lineup, so that Fu dig brand will show its charm and brilliance on the international stage

therefore, the company also put forward higher requirements for the identification marks of Fudiao brand. After the design department consulted people from all walks of life and learned from others' strengths, the new image design of the "Fu dig" logo was completed. With the unanimous approval of the company, the new logo was officially put into use in october2006

the revised new logo is briefly described

1. The original motivation of the design remains the same, and the leading letters "F" and "W" of the "Fudiao" Pinyin are still used as the design coordinates

2. Change the regular expression of the original work, and use ellipsis and borrowing to make the graphics from the original soft and concrete to simple, strong, and slightly abstract, highlighting internationalization

3. In terms of visual effect, it has achieved the perfect unity of compactness, fitness, strength and impact

4. In terms of shape, it not only shows the soaring eagle, but also vividly depicts the operation form of crawler crane. The line trend of 40 ° angle makes the operation form more dynamic

5. In terms of sensory awareness, the shape of "left back and right back" highlights the enterprise's publicity of personality and the enterprise's solid foundation, which means that China is playing a flexible role in the market situation of participating in international competition

2006 is the International Year of China. The year 2006 is also the brand year of Fugou in China! The road of creating a brand in China will surely go further and further

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