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Changing the form of war, the "AK" in the Russian UAV was launched, and the West expressed great concern about the original change of the form of war. The "AK" in the Russian UAV was launched, and the West expressed great concern

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original title: changing the form of war, the "AK" in the Russian UAV was launched, The West expressed great concern that the AK47 assault rifle designed by Mikhail tymofeyevic Kalashnikov, a former Soviet firearms designer, can be regarded as a weapon that has changed the pattern of World War. Depending on its performance and simplicity, it has gained a large number of users all over the world, especially at a low price. Today, however, the Russian Kalashnikov company, the manufacturer of AK47 rifles, is not only satisfied with the production of simple rifles, but also has begun to involve in the research and development of a variety of new military products. Today, what we want to show you is a suicide drone produced by Russian Kalashnikov company. Some people even say that this drone has the function of changing the existing war pattern

(suicide drone displayed by Kalashnikov company)

at the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition held not long ago, Russian Kalashnikov company displayed this small UAV newly developed by the company. Originally, we were not very interested in such a small UAV. This is mainly because the small UAV can perform too single tasks, that is, general reconnaissance or harassment. Moreover, due to its miniaturization, it is impossible to fly high and fast. As long as the other party wants to intercept, it can be solved in minutes. However, the Russian Kalashnikov UAV is not as simple as we imagined. We can see from the name that it is a UAV with suicide as its main task. Since it is a suicide mission, as long as the purpose of damaging the other party is achieved, the mission cost is disregarded. Moreover, this small low-cost UAV itself is not expensive and the operation is more comfortable

(flight status)

from the introduction of Kalashnikov at the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition, we can learn that this suicide drone can carry about 6 pounds of explosives and fly at the speed of 80 miles per hour for at least half an hour. And when the target is found, it can dive at a high speed, which undoubtedly further increases the difficulty of interception. Therefore, many Western military experts call this suicide drone a small cruise missile, which is indeed the case from the military purpose it can achieve. And the main thing is that this guy is cheap and easy to operate. How can a cruise missile cost millions of dollars? Now as long as we can buy one or several suicide drones, it is equivalent to having cruise missiles. Moreover, this suicide UAV "cruise missile" is more difficult to intercept than ordinary cruise missiles, because it is small and the launching place is unpredictable

(the U.S. military ensures that Britain can make tricks to train Iraqi National Guard soldiers. Iraqi soldiers use Iraq's imitation AK automatic rifles)

many terrorists who simply have no conditions to operate cruise missiles, and even some small countries can choose to use this suicide drone to meet the following tactical standards. Everyone carefully understands the needs, just like the AK47 assault rifle in those years, so popular. Mikhail tymofeyevic Kalashnikov can be called a generation of musketeers. The optimized index of the AK47 rifle launched by him was higher, which changed the war in a sense. The European and American guns that were originally circulating in the market were not only difficult to use and operate, but also expensive. However, the emergence of AK47 assault rifle is very good. The upper computer of the plastic calender production line adopts the industrial control computer to change the current situation. It is easy to use and cheap. The key is cheap. Therefore, AK47 rifle has become the preferred weapon for guerrillas and armed elements around the world. With all derivative models, it has produced more than 100 million, which can be said to be all over the world. Even the Pentagon chose AK47 series rifles instead of expensive American guns when supplying weapons to its allies, the Afghan government and the Iraqi government

(the robot launched by Kalashnikov)

the reason why many foreign experts worry about the suicide drone in Russia is that this kind of unmanned opportunity with certain lethality has become as popular as the AK47 assault rifle in those years, which has changed the form of war in the future. I think this is unacceptable to the United States and other countries. Suddenly one day, the U.S. military found that the terrorists opposite could operate weapons like cruise missiles. This is certainly not a good thing. (sharp blade/wt)


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