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Curbing excessive packaging is a big "downsizing" for China's packaging industry. As early as april1,2010, China began to implement the standard of food and cosmetics for restricting excessive packaging of commodities. In order to understand the public's awareness of this standard and their views on over packaging, the China Environmental Protection Federation has conducted a nationwide survey on public opinions on over packaging since September 1 and 19, 2010 to solicit public opinions, opinions and suggestions on over packaging. Recently, the China Environmental Protection Federation released the survey results of public opinion on over packaging

excessive packaging refers to the additional packaging that far exceeds the function of commodity packaging. It is mainly manifested in excessive packaging levels, excessive materials, excessive volume, improper structural design, excessive packaging functions and high packaging costs. Many packaging have deviated from their due functions. The survey showed that the problem of over packaging of food, health products, tobacco and alcohol was the most serious, ranking in the top three respectively. In this regard, 55% of the public think it is urgent to solve the problem of excessive packaging; 45% of the public think that over packaging has accounted for more than 50% of the packaging around them. The public has a clear understanding of the harm that excessive packaging brings to the environment and resources. The survey shows that 45% of the public believe that the greatest harm caused by excessive packaging is waste of resources and environmental pollution; 24% of the public believed that excessive packaging increased the economic burden of consumers; 23% of the public believe that excessive packaging misleads consumers to judge the value of goods, resulting in irrational consumption, which violates consumers' right to know and their right to choose. Another 6% of the public believed that excessive packaging also contributed to the bad habit of social gift comparison. Excessive packaging has raised a trend of luxury and exaggeration in the society, contributed to the trend of luxury and waste, and virtually contributed to the corruption of bribery

what causes excessive packaging to continue despite repeated prohibitions? According to the analysis of national standard channel, excessive competition in the market is a major aspect. In the era of fierce market competition, the quality of commodity packaging almost determines the fate of commodities in the market. The fierce market competition has led the value competition of commodities to the packaging competition, which has led the packaging industry into a misunderstanding. Another major reason is the weak government supervision. The loopholes in the standards for excessive packaging and the lack of punishment standards for excessive packaging condone the breeding of this phenomenon. In addition, the public's psychology of comparison is also a factor. In the society, there is a bad atmosphere of showing off consumption and comparing with each other, which makes excessive packaging marketable

the requirements for food and cosmetics to restrict excessive packaging of commodities expands the packaging control range from the moon cake five years ago to a certain extent, requiring that the number of packaging layers shall not exceed 3, the packaging void ratio shall not exceed 60%, and the total packaging cost outside the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the commodity. Many people said that these standards are not easy to quantify and need to be further improved. For example, consumers do not know how to calculate the cost and price of packaging, which requires enterprises to provide relevant data, and it will be difficult to operate in practice. In addition, there is no rigid provision in this standard that the material and structure of the packaging can also be used to change the performance of other elastic elements and friction mechanisms

the national standard put it into a plastic extruder channel. After summarizing the public opinion, it is believed that the control of excessive packaging still needs to be carried out in a multi pronged manner:

first, improve laws, regulations and industry standards. At present, China's laws, regulations and industry standards to limit excessive packaging are not perfect and lack practical operability. First, we should make up for the loopholes in the packaging standards as soon as possible. Second, for materials with waterproof and thermal insulation functions, a list of compulsory recycled products and packages and specific recycling methods have been formulated. Third, excessive packaging should be clearly classified as commercial fraud and severely punished. Fourth, we will study and formulate price and tax policies to curb excessive packaging of goods, and encourage unpackaged goods and simple packaging of high-end consumer goods. Fifthly, it is timely to consider selling commodities in some industries separately from additional packaging

secondly, strengthen publicity, advocate the concept of green packaging, and establish a correct concept of consumption. Increase publicity to make consumers aware of the hazards of excessive packaging, enhance consumers' awareness of self-protection, environment and society, and make consumers consciously resist excessive packaging consumption. Guide consumers' rational and green consumption concept, let consumers pay more attention to the quality of goods and services, and whether the commodity packaging pays attention to environmental protection, saves resources, and is conducive to recycling and reuse

thirdly, establish and improve the producer extension system and packaging recycling mechanism. Enterprises enjoy the profits brought by excessive packaging, but turn a blind eye to packaging waste. To establish and improve the producer extension system is to extend the producer's to the product to the final stage of the product life cycle, including the recycling after the end of product use. First, we can consider levying packaging tax or waste recycling charge on some industrial producers with serious excessive packaging. If enterprises over package commodities, they must pay additional waste recycling charge or higher packaging tax

at present, China's existing recycling mechanism is not perfect, so we can consider the packaging deposit system, collect the deposit according to a certain proportion of the commodity price, and consumers can take back the deposit in full after returning the waste packaging. At the same time, preferential policies in terms of price and tax are provided for the sales of 25mm wide self-adhesive labels cut by sampling knife for the recycling of waste packaging materials and other resources, and enterprises are encouraged to recycle packaging wastes

finally, the whole people should supervise and form an atmosphere of over packaging and everyone shouting. Encourage the public to report producers and operators of over packaged goods; Expose typical over packaged goods in the media; Organize relevant departments to inspect the packaging of commodities, put forward rectification requirements for enterprises that produce and sell over packaged commodities, and impose fines according to the degree of over packaging

the national standard channel believes that to effectively control the phenomenon of excessive packaging, we cannot rely on one side alone. Government departments should speed up the formulation of laws and regulations and the improvement of standards; Enterprises should establish a green packaging concept; Consumers should establish a green consumption concept. Only with the joint efforts of all parties can excessive packaging be effectively curbed

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