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Consolidate healthy operation, accumulate energy and develop 5g ZTE's 2019 revenue exceeded 90billion yuan

on March 27, 2020, ZTE released its 2019 annual report. The report shows that in 2019, ZTE achieved an operating revenue of 90.74 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%, of which the operator network operating revenue was 66.58 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.7%; The net profit attributable to common shareholders of listed companies was RMB 5.15 billion, an increase of 173.7% year-on-year; The basic earnings per share is 1.22 yuan

ZTE strengthened its cash flow and sales collection management. In 2019, the net cash flow from operating activities was RMB 7.45 billion, an increase of 180.8% over the previous year. The company continued to enhance 5g R & D and investment. The annual R & D investment reached 12.55 billion yuan, accounting for 13.8% of the operating revenue, an increase of 1 percentage point over 12.8% in 2018

2019, ZTE adheres to the steady and pragmatic business strategy and the concept of sustainable development, continues to focus on the main business channel, actively participates in the network construction and technology evolution of 4G, 5g and optical communications of global operators, builds core competitive advantages in standard patents, key technologies, product solutions and other aspects, while adhering to compliance management, strengthening internal governance, achieving steady development of overall operation and consolidating the healthy operation of the enterprise

as a major participant and contributor in the global 5g technology research and standard setting, ZTE has submitted a 7000+ 5gnr/5gc proposal to the global standards organization. The international patent data company iplytics and the Berlin Institute of technology jointly released the latest 5g industry patent report. ZTE ranks among the top three in the world with 2561 ETSI 5g standard essential patents

ZTE is committed to building the core competitiveness of independent innovation in the 5g era. The new generation of 5g wireless system chips and bearer switching chips are flexible and efficient, and have significant advantages in 5g feature support. 7Nm chips are mass produced and commercialized in the global 5g scale deployment. The research and development of next-generation chips are progressing smoothly. Through system architecture optimization, advanced technology and multi-dimensional heterogeneous packaging, continuous innovation, breakthroughs and rapid iterations, we create value for customers

relying on the leading 5g end-to-end products and solutions, ZTE has carried out rich commercial practices in the world, has won 46 5g commercial contracts, and has launched 5g in-depth cooperation with more than 70 operators around the world. Domestic operators are assisted to build the world's largest multi-mode multi frequency network and the largest shared co construction network, so as to realize the experience of ultra Gigabit 5g continuous coverage. Work with operators overseas to build 5g commercial networks in Spain, Austria, Italy and other countries, and continue to promote 5g global deployment

in terms of operator network, ZTE will further enhance its competitiveness in various product categories in 2019. In the field of wireless access, based on the industry-leading 7Nm self-developed chip and NSA SA dual-mode architecture, a series of commercial products and solutions have been comprehensively upgraded to accurately meet the needs of 5g full scene and full band deployment such as macro coverage, indoor, hot streets, high-speed rail tunnels, air routes, etc., and continue to create 5g extreme network performance in combination with innovations such as massive MIMO algorithm optimization, spectrum dynamic sharing, carrier aggregation, etc, Through product technology innovation and AI intelligent energy saving, the company has comprehensively improved the energy efficiency of network operation, and helped operators build a 5g ultimate network with full coverage, fast deployment, high cost performance, green and intelligent

in the core field, ZTE's SBA Based COM expert profile: Mo with the continuous rise in the price of copper foil, n core builds a 5g strongest brain, supports 2/3/4/5g integrated access, flexible function on demand, and end-to-end slicing intelligent deployment, and has launched in-depth cooperation with China Mobile, Chinatelecom, China Unicom, orange, Telefonica, MTN and other operators. Up to now, ZTE cloud core has deployed more than 550 nfv commercial/poc projects worldwide

5g bearer end-to-end products have been deployed on a large scale. By the end of 2019, more than 40 commercial and pilot 5g bearer networks have been deployed in China, Italy, Austria and other countries. At the same time, ZTE has strengthened the in-depth research and development of chips and algorithms, and has a full range of core chips for 5g bearer, optical network, optical access and router. The unique flex shaping algorithm family has helped the company set world records in the field of ultra-100g and ultra long distance transmission, and has now tested over 600km in China Mobile 400g. The core router continues to be advanced. It will enter the national core node in 2019 and be commercially available in 19 provinces across the country. The optical access flagship Titan has the strongest capacity and integration in the industry, and is applied in China, Brazil, Mexico and other countries on a large scale. The global system of big video has a total capacity of 130million. The 5g smart venue scheme is in cooperation with the three major domestic operators? For example, what is the meaning of this article

in the field of cloud video and energy products, 5g power supply solutions create a minimalist, efficient, fully modular and intelligent power supply network for operators, launch a safe and intelligent video cloud platform, provide end cloud integrity, and form a thick and dense oxide film on the aluminum surface by adopting anodic oxidation method more and more widely in the industry, so as to deepen the video business to individuals and society

in terms of government and enterprise business, ZTE has seized the opportunity of digital transformation, worked intensively in the four key markets of energy, transportation, government affairs and finance, and its self-developed servers, databases, operating systems and other core products have been widely used. Among them, the goldendb distributed database was officially put into operation in the core business of China CITIC Bank credit card, and accelerated the verification and production in the core business of various domestic financial institutions

based on 5g+ slice +mec, ZTE has built a middle platform with five capabilities: cloud video, industry IOT, robot AI, integrated positioning and three-dimensional security. It has rapidly developed platforms and solutions for different application scenarios, enabling vertical industries. So far, ZTE has developed more than 300 partners in 15 industries including industry, culture and tourism, education, media, medical treatment, transportation, environmental protection and energy, explored 86 application scenarios, successfully carried out more than 60 demonstration projects worldwide, and created an open and win-win 5g industry

in terms of consumer business, ZTE took the lead in releasing and commercializing the first 5g ZTE Tianji axon 10 Pro 5g version in China, northern Europe and the Middle East, and continued to strengthen 5g terminal cooperation with more than 30 operators around the world. In 2020, ZTE will release nearly 10 5g terminals worldwide, launch more than 15 5g terminal products in total, and build a series of multi-modal 5g terminal product queues covering mobile broadband products and IOT terminal products, so as to meet the multi service scenario needs of business, enterprise users and consumers with high intensity, high directionality, spatial coherence, narrow bandwidth and high monochromaticity. ZTE's home information terminal has long maintained a leading position in the industry, and its market share ranks first in the world

during the COVID-19 in 2020, ZTE actively practiced the society. Relying on its global business network, ZTE public welfare foundation actively responded to the actual needs of the hospital and donated masks, alcohol, nucleic acid testing equipment and other materials to support the front line of anti epidemic. ZTE fully supported the operators to do a good job in communication construction and guarantee in key periods. In 26 provinces and 82 cities across the country, the joint operators carried out 4/5g network construction for more than 210 hospitals, and completed the construction of 5g telemedicine joint consultation system for nearly 20 shelter hospitals in Wuhan within 24 hours. Further strengthen the application of 5g in segmented scenarios, deploy innovative applications of 5g industries such as new media, safe office, telemedicine, distance education and three-dimensional security to the anti epidemic work, and quickly improve the competitiveness of product solutions. At the same time, ZTE strengthened its own health and safety defense line, paid attention to the health of employees, conducted close communication with global customers and partners, comprehensively carried out epidemic response from the aspects of prevention and control mechanism, employee screening, facilities and materials, internal management, etc., and orderly promoted the resumption of work and production

facing the next reporting period, ZTE will consistently adhere to the core concept of simplicity and speed, operate steadily, form industrial contributions through continuous innovation in core technologies, chips, algorithms, architectures, etc., further optimize the market pattern, increase market share, promote the global implementation of 5g commercial scale, and achieve quality growth. At the same time, actively grasp the new infrastructure and 5g opportunities, accelerate the leading business model innovation, and build an open and win-win 5g ecosystem with customers and partners

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