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Resist the digital reading of paper books and take the hardcover route

since the start of digital reading, paper books have encountered an unprecedented competitor e-books. On may19,2011, Amazon, which has sold paper books for 15 years and only e-books for less than 4 years, announced that the sales of e-books exceeded that of paper books. For every 100 paper books sold, 105 e-books were sold. This landmark catch-up has surprised many media around the world: the era of E-books has really come. Analysts predict that in 2012, e-book sales will exceed 10% of paper books

since then, there has been an endless debate about which is better, e-book or paper book. In the era of cheap and convenient electronic reading, how long can paper books last? Such questions make the traditional paper book publishing perilous and worried. However, it has been proved that the e-book forced the paper book Jedi to fight back and began to pay attention to the binding design, printing and production of paper books. New ideas have broken the wall of the traditional book making industry. Paper books have become more and more exquisite, and the price of hardcover books has gone up. Hardcover books have outstripped others in the book sales market with low prices, and the market is rising

at the Confucius auction, the tested cables should be fully discharged. The famous new book's raw edge signature was first launched, which was often robbed in less than a minute. The hardcover raw edge plus signature was often resolved within 60 seconds. The leather hardcover Dongqiao 70 was launched not long ago, with a signed Library ticket attached, Taking WDW ⑶ 00D microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine as an example, this paper explains how to realize cupping experiment by expanding accessories on the electronic universal testing machine. What's more crazy is that in the later 100 copies of Dong Qiao 70, which were provided by Lin daoqun, the signed edition of genuine leather and rough edged library tickets, and the Inner Mongolia calf leather hardbound book tickets. The author of each volume, Mr. Dong Qiao, collected the mark Severin erotic library tickets and sealed them. From April 23 to May 5, the auction lasted more than ten days. No. 1 was sold at a high price of 5220 yuan, and No. 100 ended at a high price of 4000 yuan. Such a high price can't help but make people exclaim. Is the spring of hardcover coming

the scenery is not unique here. Japanese writer Haruki Murakami sold a total of 95000 copies of 1q84 hardcover in the United States, while only 28000 sets of the electronic version of the book were sold, overturning the traditional mode of book marketing. Hardcover books, which were first surpassed by e-books, have now turned around and hit e-books hard. The publisher and distributor of the book hoped to slow down the loss of readers of paper books by waking up in hardcover China

in the digital publishing era, e-reading is the trend. Can one mountain accommodate two tigers? Paper books and e-books coexist and prosper

the outlook seems optimistic. The net income of U.S. publishers in 2010 was $27.9 billion, an increase of 5 over 2008. The safety tightening torque value of non-metallic materials is calculated according to the safety factor of 1 In 2010, 2.57 billion books of all kinds were sold, an increase of 4.1% over 2008. We have seen a revival of the publishing industry. Tina Jordan, vice president of the association of American Publishers, said, "we have seen the growth of each book category.". Although everyone says that paper publishing is in transition and is transforming into digital publishing, we see that paper publishing is still alive and well

at the beginning of March this year, the global times focused on the more outstanding readers of exquisite paper books, emphasized the uniqueness of exquisite paper books in the E-reading era, and praised them as valuable and worthy of collection as handwritten letters in the e-mail era

the traditional publishers who have broken through everywhere have obviously noticed this advantage, and are planning a major upgrade of the beauty of paper books, from paper for binding design to production. Hardcover books may be the last bastion of paper books against e-books in the digital age, and also a chance for paper books to survive in the electronic age

from this perspective, the emergence of e-books is not only a challenge to hardcover paper books, but also a promotion

in the era of digital reading, the definitions of books and reading are all challenged and revised because of the emergence of e-books. The reading function of books can be solved because of convenient and cheap e-books, while the collection and value-added function of paper books become more and more prominent because of being stripped off. If you want to read popular novels or bestsellers, you may buy cheap e-books, but if you really want to buy a book that is worth reading again and collecting, you will definitely buy paper books, and hardcover books that you can't let go of from content to design and packaging, because only hardcover books can withstand collection, which can be inherited, transferred to the second-hand market, and have value-added space

if e-books are like fast food, paper hardcover books are like exquisite meals. They are in step with the idea of promoting slow life, and fully enjoy the beautiful reading process from vision to touch, from perception to soul

in a word, hardcover books are the best soldiers who can compete with e-books and the last fortress for paper books to defend their positions. Although there are good and bad books published now, the overall design and printing of books are becoming more and more high-end. From paper to binding to the production and design of cover, they are becoming more and more exquisite. Like the collection of calligraphy, painting and antiques, book collection is becoming more and more standardized. This puts forward new requirements for book production in the era of reading pictures. How to provide the same exquisite book design and production as the content? How to attract more readers to the ranks of book collectors? The aesthetic consciousness, art appreciation ability and book design ability of books and design will become a new requirement. However, in terms of current domestic design and binding, books may start from getting rid of plagiarism and calmly creating original works

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