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Continuing the road to global success - Thermo Fisher opened an international lecture course on rheology again in 2009. Thermo Fisher technology, the world's leading service science company, announced that it would submit a survey report again in 2009 to show that it would open a global course including lectures on basic rheology and expert lectures on various material properties

the company's training centers located in Karlsruhe, Germany, Somerset (Somerset, New Jersey, USA), Breda, the Netherlands, Paris, Mumbai, India and Shanghai, China adhere to the policy of closely contacting applications and taking practicality as the orientation to help customers optimize applications and develop innovative applications

in a one-day Mini lecture, participants will receive guidance on how to effectively use rheological measurement methods. Rheology topics will be discussed in general rheology lectures or professional rheology lectures, and multi-disciplinary speakers will be responsible for giving lectures

basic lecture "applied rheology" discusses the theory and practical knowledge of rheology in detail, aiming to enable participants to use and explain rheological measurement methods with limited methods. The lecture includes the following units:

basic knowledge and rotation test

thermo scientific HAAKE rheowin software

viscoelasticity, creep and oscillation test

the above units can also be booked separately

in the expert lectures for experienced or trained rheologists, the external well-known speakers are responsible for explaining the main key areas, and more details are discussed through practical training. As one of the pioneers in the field of rheology, Thermo Fisher Scientific Co., Ltd. will increase rheology lectures in China and the UK in 2009, and further improve the lecture courses with a wide range of contents

small lecture "general rheology"

february 26th, 2009 Breda (Netherlands) language: English

march 3rd, 2009 Nantes (France) language: French

march 5th, 2009 Bordeaux (France) language: French

march 10th, 2009 Paris (France) language: French

march 12th, 2009 Strasbourg (France) language: French

march 17th, 2009 Lyon (France) Language: French

march 19, 2009 Marseille (France) language: French

april 10, 2009 Pune (Indo Kobe Steel will show the x5052 series of high-quality aluminum alloy plate for anodizing to professional audiences) language: English

june 9, 2009 Manchester (UK) language: English

june 25, 2009 Breda (Netherlands) language: English

october 8, 2009 Breda (Netherlands) Language: English

Mini lecture "paint, ink and coating"

april8,2009 Mumbai (India) language: English

Mini lecture "oil field"

april9,2009 Chengdu (China) language: Chinese

april16,2009 Xi'an (China) language: undoubtedly a huge business opportunity Chinese

april23,2009 Shanghai (China) language: Chinese

may 20, 2009 Guangzhou (China) Language: Chinese

26 May 2009 Karamay (China) language: Chinese

28 May 2009 Tarim (China) language: Chinese

9 June 2009 Daqing (China) language: Chinese

7 July 2009 Tianjin (China) language: Chinese

9 July 2009 Dongying (China) language: Chinese

Mini lecture "starch and food"

14 April 2009 Amritsar (India) Language: English

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