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Changing the team leadership and management mode

case presentation

Lao Liu is the general manager of the design department of a large real estate development enterprise. The president of the company has just organized and held a new project demonstration meeting. As soon as the meeting was over, Lao Liu hurried back to his office with a large stack of documents. While carefully reading the documents, he wrote in his notebook with a pen; After a while, Lao Liu rushed out of the office with his papers and notebooks

Lao Liu quickly walked into Xiao Li's office. Xiao Li was busy with the design of another project. The project was so urgent that Xiao Li didn't rest for several weeks. Up to now, the whole design task is only halfway through. Lao Liu approached Xiao Li, put the documents on Xiao Li's desk, opened his notebook, and began talking. As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Li just wanted to say something. Lao Liu waved his hand, put away the materials and walked out. Besides, he told Xiao Li to put down all the things he had in hand and take the time to do the work he had just arranged; Then, Lao Liu whirled downstairs, went to Xiao Lin's office, and told Xiao Lin the same thing, leaving Xiao Lin with a blank and rogue face. On the way back to the office, I almost ran into Xiao Jin, a graduate student recruited by the design department not long ago; Lao Liu didn't notice the subordinate. After entering the office, he looked at his watch. It was time to attend another project budget meeting

after Lao Liu had arranged his work, he was very happy to attend the meeting. The team members in the design room can have a discussion. They complain that the work at hand has not been completed, how to prioritize things, why other team members do not participate, how to coordinate new work tasks, etc

case analysis

Lao Liu may feel good about himself. He thinks he is dividing the work, communicates with team members, empowers them, and explains the urgency of the matter. Things should be carried out in an orderly manner. In fact, on the contrary, the team members thought that Lao Liu did not consider the actual work of the members, did not consider the coordinated operation of things, disrupted the work rhythm of the members, created confusion and caused pressure, and did not give reasonable suggestions to the members. The machine new materials industry will usher in important development opportunities. They may be confused, and think that Lao Liu is difficult to communicate and does not provide sufficient information

well, why did Lao Liu have this kind of management and convenient operation? Let's take a look at how general managers learn management

formation of managers' management style

before becoming a manager, most people worked in specific professional or technical positions for a long time, and were promoted to management positions because of their outstanding performance. At the beginning, they were all doers - such as engineers, administrators, skilled workers, etc. everything was done by themselves from the rear fender of the car. After taking up management positions, they tend to work independently or find competent people to do things when encountering problems. This is the case of Lao Liu in the case - he only pays attention to arranging work for members of the team with strong business ability. For example, on the way back to the office, he didn't see another employee of his department, Xiao Jin

as new management personnel, on the one hand, they manage by observing or feeling the management methods of their previous superiors, on the other hand, they manage by their own intuition, so as to gradually form their own management methods. However, it is regrettable that if the superior's management method is not correct, or if he understands the mistakes, this wrong management method will be continued and he is still difficult to detect

in the case, Lao Liu was not aware of his improper team management, and he felt good about himself

correct management methods in the team

for example, after holding a new project demonstration meeting, Lao Liu did not rush to talk to each team member alone, but, based on the ability of the existing team members, worked out a task list for the work to be carried out, prioritized it, and then pre arranged the work according to the team role, convened all team members to meet together at the meeting, Lao Liu explained the background of the new task and its importance to the company, and made it clear that the new task is more important in the team work task

next, let the team members have their own understanding of the new task and the corresponding confusion. And give the members a clear explanation: you can understand the inconvenience caused to the members by interrupting their normal work. You need the support of the team members, and explain that if the team members can complete the new project task as soon as possible, the sooner they can return to their work

then, Lao Liu distributed the work task breakdown instructions to all team members, and explained and confirmed them at the meeting. Then discuss new work tasks with team members, and coordinate the work cooperation and schedule among members; Explain the work interfaces among team members, encourage team members to communicate, and keep checking the key points of work tasks at any time. Clearly tell team members when and where to hold the working meeting to cooperate with the project tasks, and how to deal with the problems. In this way, it may be another scene after Lao Liu leaves

from this case, we can see that as a team leader, we should change the traditional management mode in order to carry out team work more effectively and achieve team synergy. Specifically, we can start from the following aspects:

1. Let team members fully understand the work tasks or objectives. Only when the team members have a clear and common understanding of the work objectives can they establish a sense of achievement in the hearts of the members and increase the sense of urgency in the implementation process. We know that "an individual's goal improves the whole living condition because it gives more meaning to the individual to engage in work". Similarly, the team goal of reaching a consensus can also give members the motivation to overcome obstacles and stimulate energy

2. Encourage sharing in the team. To encourage team members to share, team leaders should help team members share information, so as to establish an atmosphere that encourages information sharing; Let team members know the progress of team tasks and how to cooperate with the completion of the whole task; Provide cross training among members in the team to make each member clearly realize that they do not know all the answers and ensure the transmission of relevant information

3. Establish mutual trust in the team. Trust is the basis for the team to play a synergistic role, and ultimately achieve the effect of 1+1> 2. Trust management should be established from two aspects. The first is to authorize in the team, that is, to dare to give team members new work, give team members freedom of action, and encourage members to solve problems creatively; Instead, I think I can do everything personally and report step by step. The second is to establish sufficient communication channels in the team, that is, to encourage members to fully communicate on Problems and current situations, so as to stimulate the collision of thinking; Create a fair and equal communication environment; Open and problem oriented communication, positive and resonant communication atmosphere. (end)

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