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The correct operation of the pepper sauce filling machine has a good way to go. The continuous improvement of human living standards has accelerated the pace of people's pursuit of high-quality life. Under the leadership of science and technology, people should be familiar with a healthy lifestyle long ago. The modern way of life has made people who lived in the past dare not think about it. In particular, the persistence in pursuing net victory in life has made us deeply understand the power of the progress of the times to the world. Nowadays, in our daily life, the use of various sauce products has been very extensive,. Take our three wipes a day for example. In the morning, our favorite hamburgers and sandwiches all need some jam products such as tomato sauce, blueberry sauce, apple sauce, rose sauce, etc. as a rich breakfast seasoning; During lunch, we may use bean paste, sweet noodle paste, chili paste, beef paste, chutney and other products to add delicious food; In the evening, we can make our own hot pot, and we will use hot pot sauces, hot pot dipping sauces of various flavors and so on. It can be said that almost all meals in life can not be separated from the filling of various sauce products to improve the modern quality of life. From this, we can see the development trend of sauce products, and even the development of pepper sauce filling machine can be fully demonstrated

pepper sauce filling machine is a kind of thick sauce filling machine and a representative of electric filling machine. The filling machine is mainly used to strictly fill all kinds of sauce products. In order to facilitate the use of production enterprises and meet the needs of modern market development, the pepper sauce filling machine has also made corresponding improvements and upgrades. In today's sauce filling market, the types of pepper sauce filling machines are also gradually increasing, which can meet the cooperative operation of enterprises with different production requirements. Market development is fleeting. What we need is to integrate into the market environment at the fastest speed, so as to seize the development opportunity and win the market. Now, the use of pepper sauce filling machine has been widely popularized, which is another sunny day for the development of the filling machine industry. However, in the use process of many production enterprises, they will always encounter problems of one kind or another, and even make the equipment suspend production, which will cause serious damage to the enterprise's benefits and cause certain damage to the pepper sauce filling machine itself. How to correctly use and operate the pepper sauce filling machine

in fact, the operation and use of the filling machine is very simple. As long as we strictly follow the operating procedures of the equipment, we can avoid many unnecessary troubles, effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and better prolong the service life of the pepper sauce filling machine. First, before using the filling machine, open the box to check whether the whole machine is in good condition, whether the electrical components are neat, whether the lines are firmly connected, and whether there are no sundries in the hopper. This can avoid equipment damage and production stagnation during equipment operation. Then, the chilli sauce filling machine will directly power on the European mature carbon fiber composite research and development achievements for inspection, and turn on the main power switch of the filling machine. After the power is turned on, the three-phase four wire 380V must be connected to the neutral wire. First of all, check whether the rotation direction of the reducer is correct. The rotation direction shall be subject to the direction indicated by the mixer drive chain. If not, please interchange it on the connector of the power line. Secondly, press the mixer switch of the filling machine to start, check that the transmission direction conforms to the arrow, press the working switch to start the photoelectric sensor after it is correct, and then pour the materials into the hopper and start the mixer after the program is normal. Since the chili sauce filling machine is based on volume measurement, there was a filling process at the beginning. Because the conventional electronic universal adopts speed control, the container with large capacity should be placed on the workbench before it can be started for filling. Through the filling volume, the laboratory developed the number of high-temperature bacteria for Yucheng Fuhang company, and the user can adjust the filling volume by himself. During the adjustment process, it must be adjusted according to the instructions to avoid damage to the equipment or waste of product filling. Finally, the operating speed of the pepper sauce filling machine is about one bottle per minute. The operator must be familiar with and master the filling rules, put bottles or bags in a rhythmic manner, and take bottles or bags and bottles in a rhythmic manner. If the refilling machine encounters abnormal phenomena such as little sudden discharge or bubbles when it does not discharge, it shall be powered off and shut down immediately. It can continue to work only after finding out the cause of the fault and repairing it. If the material is not discharged, it is strictly prohibited to work continuously, otherwise it is easy to burn the motor or its accessories. It is also important to note that during the operation of the equipment, do not run the machine without materials. You can use water or detergent to test and clean the machine

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